Dec 072011
Hi Jack,
I just wanted to say thank you!!! You guys did an amazing job – everyone loved you guys…..
We will definitely keep you in mind for future events.
South Jersey Industries
The Mansion
 Band/DJ combination
Nov 152011

We are walking on air at the very idea that you and your outstanding orchestra will be providing the entertainment for our daughter’s wedding. Once we booked your orchestra, we felt that a great responsibility had been lifted off our shoulders. We are very pleased with the Mansion as the host site and are thrilled to have the reception choreographed by you. We also salute your ability to span the decades. The bride and groom are in their twenties, yet the majority of the guests are in their forties and fifties with a few in the thirtes, sixties and seventies. How do you do it? We admire your talents.




Kathy Alexander

The Mansion