Your special day deserves an added touch with the most elegant music for your ceremony and cocktail hour. Consider adding a small ensemble — a string quartet of cello, violins, viola, flute or harp or any such combination. We feature the finest musicians in the area whose performances have occurred in most of the finest tri-state catering venues, hotels, as well as Broadway, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. From Classics like  Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel to modern artists such as Beatles, Clapton, U2, Coldplay , Elton John and many others.

For your cocktail hour, choose from our classical or jazz ensembles. Our jazz ensembles consist of solo keys, keys and sax, keys sax and bass or keys sax bass and drums. Cocktail musicians play jazz, show tunes and popular music. We also have a capella groups for an added element to your cocktail hour.

Click on the music note and eye icons below to listen and view our live music.


 Harp Solo music-notes-for-hear
 Harp and Flute music-notes-for-hear
 Harp and Cello music-notes-for-hear
 Harp, Cello and Flute music-notes-for-hear
 Harp, Flute and Violin music-notes-for-hear
 Flute Trio music-notes-for-hear
 Female Ceremony Vocalist music-notes-for-hear
 Classical Guitar music-notes-for-hear
 Guitar and Flute music-notes-for-hear
 Flamenco Guitar music-notes-for-hear
 Guitar and Bass music-notes-for-hear
 Guitar and Sax music-notes-for-hear
 String Trio eye-for-view
 String Quartet music-notes-for-hear eye-for-view
 Jazz Trio music-notes-for-hear
 Jazz Quartet music-notes-for-hear
 Jazz Quintet music-notes-for-hear
 Brazilian Jazz Trio music-notes-for-hear
 Bagpipes music-notes-for-hear
 Trumpet and Organ music-notes-for-hear
 One Man Band music-notes-for-hear
 A Capella Band – Blue Moon A Capella Band - Blue Moon.mp3
 A Capella Band – The Lion Sleeps Tonight A Capella Band - The Lion Sleeps Tonight.mp3
 Solo Keys music-notes-for-hear
 Solo Piano / Jazz Pop music-notes-for-hear
 New Orleans: Dixieland Jazz Band music-notes-for-hear
 Cajun Connection music-notes-for-hear
 Cajun Connection 2 music-notes-for-hear