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Your band rocked!

We hired the reel time band and they were a hit. I liked how they played the genre of music we asked for (a little bit of everything), and they did an excellent job with introductions/MCing. I did leave the band with a lot of discretion in terms of what songs to play because they are the ones who know what brings people to the dance floor (and everyone danced!) Our biggest concern was that we didn’t want to single out a specific age group at our wedding (with regards to song selection) and we didn’t want the music to be very loud that people couldn’t hear themselves conversing. We had neither of these problems that are common at other weddings I’ve been to.

I’m the bride and was pretty busy with work and school (up to the wedding) and they always kept calling me to make sure they had what they needed (ie song list, special instructions etc) and that was a plus to be working with professional/”on top of it” people.

One of our newly engaged friends who was at our wedding just hired them too for their wedding, which is the best way to say “your band rocked.”
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