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What a review!

November 6, 2010

It was just a week ago that you sent eight musicians to play for us at my daughters wedding, and we are still hearing from friends about how great the band was, and ” who were those people ,” and ” best wedding band I’ve heard in years, ” and on and on. I most heartily agree with all the sentiment and more. Right from the start, you were a pleasure to work with. You outlined the choices I had, and gave meaningful suggestions that helped make the occasion a success.

Everyone I dealt with in your organization acted in a very professional manner through-out the planning stages, and right up to the day of the event. I would especially like to single out John Farnsworth. His organizing the introductions, his direction of the other musicians as to which songs to play during the introductions, and his general leadership all night long provided an evening of music that no one in attendance will soon forget. Fabulous !!! As to the other players, let me start with the keyboards during the cocktail hour/ Perfect. Not too much, but always present.

A number of people came up to me to ask, ” Have you heard that piano? Its great.” Even with all the conversation going on. And later, providing some “quiet” music during dinner, I heard many people saying they actually stopped eating and talking to listen to the keyboards. And also the guitar. Both men showed what I would say was virtuoso ability playing what on paper had been “background music.” It had started with a few tunes before the meal. We had thought that once the parent dances were over , the dinner music would begin. John had suggested some dance music so the wait staff could clear the salad course etc. Well, he was correct. They dance floor was immediately filled until the main course came out. Some of the older folks (65-75 and up) got a chance to dance because the music selection fit their style. Again, perfect musical choices by your people. Once dinner was over, the fun really started. We had left the specific music up to you, with some general types identified, and again everything was exceptional. For the rest of the night, the dance floor was packed. Through all different genre’s. When the twenty-something’s started a kick line to NEW YORK, NEW YORK, and I saw my 75 year old in-laws in the middle of it all, I knew the night was better than I had expected. The singers mingling with the crowd and encouraging audience participation only added to the fun. And fun it was. I am sorry I never got the gentleman’s name, but his voice was superb. From the first time I had looked at your web site, I fell in love with Katie Locke’s voice, and she did not disappoint. I know its their job to look like they were having fun, but they did it so naturally, it whipped the crowd into a frenzy. It was great. The other players were equal to the task. The rhythm section kept the beat through all the changes ( I have a number of musicians in the family and the were agog with the playing of the drummer, Ilya), the horns added just the right touch of pizazz throughout, and all in all, the band was tight. More than one of our guests came up to me at the end of the night to extol the music and the band. And they were all correct.

Again, thanks to John for making the evening such a great success. He is truly a pleasure to work with. I do not know who selected this group to play together, but they did a fabulous job. Feel free to use me as a reference. I only hope I have another occasion soon that I need to have music because I know where I will go.

Your fan,

Pete Siegler

Cinnaminsin, NJ

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Philadelphia, PA

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