A Message from Esteem DJ Dominic Longo

This weekend, I am celebrating the completion of eleven years as a DJ. From the beginning of my DJ career, with less than stellar equipment playing small parties for family and friends, to the current point of my career with state of the art digital and LED equipment playing large weddings at some of the best venues in the northeast, every party has a formula.

Be it a birthday party or a wedding, an anniversary or a corporate event, every event has the same type of formula from the vantage point of the DJ. After the guests arrive and get settled, I make opening announcements and we roll through ceremonies. The guests then have dinner and the dance floor opens for the remainder of the evening.

After eleven years, what keeps me loving what I do every weekend? The special, spontaneous, unplanned moments that can only happen when a group of friends and family get together for a special occasion. I’d like to share a couple of those with you.

At the end of any event, I have a light song or two that I always play as I am packing up equipment. At the Bonnet Island Estate that song was the Darius Rucker version of “Wagon Wheel.” With the house lights up and the party over, the guests all joined hands and swayed back and forth, singing the song as it played. Of course I turned it up and let them enjoy the moment that two families became one.

In January 2015 at a wedding in Lyndhurst, New Jersey the crowd was rocking all night long. They were up and moving to the Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble that I typically play for dinner music. They reveled in the celebration of this marriage. From the ending of the toasts until the end of the wedding, every guest was out of their seats, dancing and singing along to the music and having a wonderful night. There were definitely some tired feet that evening.

Finally, I always enjoy the Relay for Life event that I participate in every June in northwest New Jersey. This is open to two high schools and upwards of 2500 people come on out to fight cancer. During the overnight hours, there is a dance marathon until the sun rises as a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Nothing can top the sea of over 1000 strong, with glow sticks in the air, all night long as we turned a football field into a dance floor.

Even though there is a set schedule of events for every party, I strive to make every event unique like those listed above to help you create your own special moments. I look forward to sharing more special moments with you over the next eleven years and beyond. Don’t hesitate to call or email. Let’s talk about your special occasion as I continue to DJ, but also take over office manager duties at Esteem Entertainment. I’ll be there every step of the way.


Dominic Longo

DJ and Office Manager – Esteem Entertainment

DJ Dominic