Piano Man Jay

Piano Man Jay

Piano Man Jay is a versatile solo musician performing faithful re-creations of iconic soft rock, classic rock, yacht rock and pop hits that helped define the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond. Jay plays music that audiences know and love, but don’t often get to hear – especially performed live, by artists such as America, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, CCR, Modern English, Rolling Stones, Supertramp, U2 as well as country music favorites from Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw and others.

In addition to keyboard and vocals, his music also includes many other instrument sounds such as guitar, bass, drums, strings, horns, etc. Piano Man Jay is a personable and easy-to-work-with entertainer who partners with his clients to help ensure each event is a huge success!

Piano Man Jay performs as a one-man band all the way up to a five piece rocking band.

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