Athena Greek Band


Tommy Athanasios Bayiokos and the Esteem Athena band have been veterans of special Greek-American events for years.  Not only can you use our full Greek Band but we also offer Tommy as an MC for the event in the Greek language in teamwork with American DJ for those requesting, but also plays along as percussionist the "tumbaleki" hence adding flavor and Greek authenticity.  His CD repertoire includes the Greek classics from artist such as  Yannis Parios, Meetropanos, Thespina Vanthee, percussion-tommybElena Mercouri, Thothorakis, Anna Vissi, Andonis Remos as well as the current hits of Greece, - and specialties from regional Greece including Neesiotika and Epeerotika among others.  Basically, one is getting three services with one talent.  Tommy Athanasios has also recently returned from Greece as his cousin is in the prestigious Athenian Symphonic Orchestra of Athens (musical family) and he spent time with Greek icon Mr. George Delaras backstage at the historic Herodium Theatre.  Other music highlights include Miss America Pageants, Frankie Avalon and Laura Branigan in the domestic circuit in addition to special events.  As Tommy says " it's a privilege to perform and play the music of Greece.


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